Our Story

Gearhart Blade Co. isn't just a golf club brand it's a lifestyle. Born out of the linklands on the Oregon Coast, we love to feel the ocean breeze and breathe the salty sea air. We love to play the game on the ground and always love to walk. We love the feel of persimmon, of forged steel, of a well struck wedge into a stiff wind. We love playing with a half set, playing with our friends, playing the game as it was played centuries ago. We love to drink martinis, sip cocktails overlooking the roaring Pacific, and spend time with our loved ones. We dig our limit of clams in the morning, play 18 holes in the afternoon, and pour martinis by 5. Gearhart, Oregon isn't just a sleepy coastal town, it's a place where we live and breathe the game.

We want to provide the best feeling blades in golf. We believe feel equals performance, equals precision, equals power. We believe golf is an art, shots should be created, each round should tell an original story. Each club is a paint brush, a craftsman's tool. Each club is a work of art within itself and with a hint imagination can transform any round into your own masterpiece.

Gearhart Blade Co. provides finely crafted Japanese forged blades, hand ground wedges, and milled putters for the discerning golfer. Our boutique golf brand focuses on feel, aesthetics, and inspiration. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and hope you love playing our blades as much as we love crafting them.

Follow your own course...